How do I make a disc golf basket?


To make a disc golf basket at home all you need to do is buy some materials at your local home improvement store. You need some chains, a pole, and a few other things. Attach and play. For more information on making a homemade disc golf basket check out this link:
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1. Seek a wooded area to set up your golf course. You want enough trees, bushes and water to make the course challenging but not impossible. The bigger the area, the more holes you
I have actually thought about this and designed 1, it involved sinking a pole into a concrete base then welding baskets and using chains (also welded) Basically after i planned it
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There is not a single set of basket specifications for disc golf. It looks
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Disc golf courses are popping up all over these days. The baskets are made of aluminum or metal poles and circles and chains. Most courses also feature numbers on the top that are made of plastic. If you're making you own, get creative with your materials and take hints from other courses. For more information look here: A handy diagram for a disc golf basket;
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