How to Make a DNA Project?


You can make a DNA project by using pipe cleaners and twisting them to form a double helix. You can tie smaller pipe cleaners for the rungs, and string beads on them!
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This would be a lot of fun. You can get some little Styrofoam balls that they sell at any store that has a arts and craft department. Pick like four colors you want to use for your
1. Glue the wood dowel, pointing up, with wood glue to the center of the wood base. 2. Allow it to dry thoroughly. 3. Paint half the 1 1/2-inch foam balls in one of your six colors.
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What would be a good DNA model project for school? One idea for a DNA
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To make DNA for a science project you will need a handful of toothpicks, one half of a package of licorice sticks and one package of small colored gumdrops. You ...
Examples of DNA science fair projects can be found online at ...
Making you own DNA model for a class project, science fair or even for fun can be really easy and use almost anything you have laying around! Popular objects used ...
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