How to Make a Dog Wheelchair?


To make a dog wheelchair you will need a harness, two wheels, a drill, some nuts, some bolts, a tape measure, an aluminum pole, a U shape bar, some tennis racket padding and some tape. You can find more information here:
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1. Remove the foot rests and back of the wheelchair. The foot rests can be discarded, but save the back canvas to use as a spare seat should the original become too warn after several
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1. Measure your dog. Its size will determine the size of the purse. You will have to make sure your dog will be able fit in the purse comfortably. Measure the height (starting with
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How to Make a Wheelchair for a Dog
If you have a handicapped, elderly or special-needs dog, it may need a wheelchair in order to move on its own. Buying a wheelchair for your dog from a manufacturer is expensive, because each one needs to be custom made for the individual animal.... More »
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