How to Make a Double Star out of Rubber Bands?


To make a double star out of rubber bands, put rubber band around thumb and index fingers. Stick your other index finger in the middle and pull back, twist, and put on your pinky. Put your index finger in thumb hole.
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How to Make a Double Star out of Rubber Bands
Making shapes with a rubber band is similar, in a way, to old-fashioned string games, like cat's cradle. Both involve a series of complicated twists and weaving of the fingers through loops and lengths of string or rubber band stretched out onto... More »
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1. Hold a rubber band between the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand, facing your palm toward you with the rubber band horizontal. Use the right hand's pointer finger, the
1. Select a suitable rubber band. Note that you need a specific type of rubber band that can stretch with ease and does not break when. stretched. for an amount of time. Perhaps the
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Stretch the rubber band into a star. steps: 1) stretch the rubber band from your thumb to your pointer. 2) put your finger (from the other hand) through the back point on the stretched
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1. Place your right hand index finger and thumb through the rubber band. Allow the rubber band to rest on the top of your thumb and index finger so that it is ...
While making tie dyed shirts, fold the shirt into a decently small square. Then take rubber bands and stretch it over the shirt to make a star. Add the desired ...
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