How to Make a Drawbridge?


To make a drawbridge you will need a cardboard box, wood dowels, thin chains, thick paper, etc. You will need to start by cutting a door opening in the cardboard box. See the link for more information.
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How to Make a Drawbridge
Drawbridges were invented in ancient times as a way to keep invaders from entering a city, fortress or castle. In times of trouble, the occupants would simply pull up the bridge, leaving a moat for invaders to cross while they remained safely behind the... More »
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To make a model drawbridge for your cardboard castle, you could use string or yarn for the opening and closing effect. You can also make one for your sandcastle. For more information look here: Making a sandcastle draw bridge instructions ;
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A drawbridge is a bridge normally made wood or some type of heavy timber, usually built over a ditch or a moat. Years ago, drawbridges were used to protect castles, raising them to
There are several types of drawbridges. Single-leaf bridges open and lift on one side of a waterway. Double-leaf bridges open at the middle and lift on both sides of the waterway.
Drawbridges that use pulleys translate the usually-downward force (on a rope or chain) into a lateral force that lifts the bridge in an arc, upward and inward simultaneously. In roadway
1. First,in front of your castle/Tower of Power or whatever, dig a 4 long by 4 to 6 wide hole. Make it 4 blocks deep. 2. Then craft 6 sticky pistons. Then, place them 2 blocks away
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I want to make a medieval drawbridge over a moat at my castle. How do I construct it to lift with ease yet remain medieval in design? ...
A drawbridge is a wooden bridge leading to a gateway, capable of being raised or lowered to either accommodate or prevent entry into the castle, and often spanned ...
The Medieval drawbridge was usually seen on a castle. The drawbridges were used for castle protection. This was mainly because the drawbridges could be raised ...
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