How to Make a Fake Campfire?


You can easily make a campfire with some split wood and some red see thru plastic. You will also need a strobe light, a five gallon bucket and a piece of kraft paper. Check out this site for complete directions for making a fake campfire.
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How to Build a Fake Campfire
You can't build a real campfire indoors, but you can create a fake one that looks just as nice, warm and inviting. With a few common household materials and access to an electric outlet, you can simulate a real outdoor campfire that can be used for... More »
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Building a fake campfire is a good idea for certain situations. An indoor camp out, for one, should never involve a real fire. A pretty inexpensive fake campfire can be built with such items as a coffee can, a light, and a small fan. Here is a site that can give you some instructions: For more information look here: Here is a great site with step by step instructions on making your own indoor fake fire;
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Take your 5 gallon bucket and place the strobe light on the inside. Pull the cord out the top and tape it to the bucket. Cover the outside of the bucket with kraft paper and tape
1. Place two logs one foot from each other in the area you want the campfire. Place the fan on the floor in the center of the two logs, with the front facing up. Run the cord out
1. Measure and mark a 16-inch-wide circle on a piece of plywood. Cut out the plywood circle with the handsaw to create a base for the campfire centerpiece. 2. Gather one large rock,
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Making a fake campfire is actually pretty easy - and a good alternative when you have to be indoors! You can make one with a few basic materials - like a large ...
1. Remove the top and bottom of the can with the can opener, and peel off the label if still attached. 2. Cut the square of silk into four large triangles, each ...
In order to build a fake campfire, one will need to have several materials, including: coffee can, can opener, orange and red silk, scissors, and tape. The first ...
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