How do you make a fake mountain?


You will need a picture of a mountain to use as a model, utility knife, large pieces of Styrofoam packaging material, craft glue, granite spray paint. Use the utility knife to cut pieces of the Styrofoam making them narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Make thicker pieces for the lower level and cut them thicker if you want a taller mountain. Form the base using the widest pieces using 30-45 degree angles to make the curves and assemble the pieces in a mountain shape, trimming where necessary. Make 1-2 inch wedges into the sides giving it a craggy appearance, extending the cuts through each tier. Use glue to hold the side edges together and glue the middle tier to the mountain ensuring that each edge attaches to another. Use glue to hold the bottom tier before pressing the rest of the mountain down on the base and let it dry. Spray the mountain in a sweeping motion to coat it evenly and use different colours to give it a more natural look.
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