How to Make a Fake Pay Stub?


There are many apps that will generate fake pay stubs and also services that will make it for you for a fee. To make your own simply get an old pay stub and use it as a template and create your own on your computer from scratch with any word processing program. You could even scan in somebody else's stub and just change your name, address, date and whatever else with app Photo-shop or with 'Paint'. It can be illegal to use a fake stub if you are buying something or borrowing money. Paycheck stub template for sale:
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1. Obtain written permission from the person who submitted the stubs to verify the accuracy and truthfulness of the information they provide. The form must clearly state that you
1. Look at the header of your pay check stub. This will show your place of employment and its address, as well as information regarding the company that processes your place of employment's
You could go to jail for faking a pay stub between 6 months to
No legal consequences at all for faking a pay stub. Using a fake document of any kind is fraud, and can get you a fine or a vacation in a room with someone you would rather not vacation
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Creating a fake pay stub is illegal and can be linked to a prison sentence or fines if submitted some place to show proof of income. It's best to have your employer print out a current check stub.
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