How to Make a Fake River?


You can make a fake river, stream or creek by digging a long downhill trench and scatter some big rocks in the trench. Place a water hose at the top of the trench turn on the water and let it flow.
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Making a fake river just requires a bit of imagination. You could use foil paper, crinkle it and add white sprinkles to replicate the flowing water. Make sure you use a brown base. You could add rocks and greenery to enhance the scenery. You can also purchase water kits used by hobbyist to make fake water.
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Crinkled silver foil stuck onto a wooden base and painted brown with white and off-white patches on it to simulate current flowing will do it o.k. Good luck with it. And have a good
They have strands of beads at hobby shops. Get longs strands of blues, greens and silvers (or clear). You could use some silver or white tinsil for white water and splashes. All can
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