How to Make a Fake Volcano?


A 3D model of a volcano is perfect for your scaled version of Pompeii. You'll need a cardboard box, a bottle, a plastic bag, and plaster of paris. Ready to get started? Check out this detailed tutorial:
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To make a volcano use a plastic bottle and build the volcano around the bottle with clay. Use baking soda and vinegar to make the volcano erupt. For more information look here: Making a Volcano;
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Take your cardboard and form it into a circle and tape to make a large cardboard tube. Stand the tube up right with the opening at the top and on the floor. Cut the top edge to make
you put in baking soda ,soap,and vinger and red food coloring and it explodes.
Baking soda, vinegar, liquid dishwashing detergent, modeling clay and red
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The ingredients needed in a fake volcano are baking soda, vinegar, water and food coloring. You put the ingredients into a water or soda bottle inside the volcano ...
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