How to Make a Feather Wreath?


Feather wreaths are a cheap and fun way to make a decoration for your house. See this site for full instructions: .
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1. Secure one end of the light blue fabric ribbon to the back side of the plastic wrapped straw wreath at the top center using two straight pins. Weave the rest of the light blue
Learn how to make a diaper wreath and you will always have a great baby shower gift idea. What's more diaper wreaths are easy to make, serve as baby shower decorations and then the
1. Purchase inexpensive paper plates. Each child will need one plate. Cut the center out of the paper plate with a pair of scissors to form the basic shape of the wreath. 2. Provide
1. Lay a twig or grapevine wreath face up on a flat surface. Gather stems of eucalyptus and grasses into a small bunch. Lay the stems on top of the wreath with their tips protruding
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How to Make a Feathered Wreath
Feather wreaths are a hot decorating fad. They are elegant and look very, very expensive. You can make a stunning, fluffy, light blue feather wreath accented with exotic peacock feathers in 30 minutes or less. When you hang it on your wall or door using... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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