How to Make a Peter Pan Hat From Felt.?


1. Wrap a measuring tape loosely around the wearer's head, positioning the tape at about mid-forehead to determine the wearer's head circumference. Record this measurement. 2. Cut a triangle from felt that has one side with a length equal to the
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1 Stack the two green felt panels on top of each other so that the edges match up. Pin if desired. Ad
I think Tiger Lily (who has a crush on Peter as you can see in the Disney version) gave it to him as a gift of the many times he and the Lost boys have saved her and her family. This
Peter Pan, which is the main character of the movie "Peter Pan" has a green hat with
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If you have minimal sewing or crafting skills, you can make a Peter Pan hat! All you need is two pieces of 9'x12' green felt, a red feather, needle and thread ...
To make a Peter Pan hat out of felt, measure the head of the wearer and cut enough felt to go round the head. Cut a triangle with all the sides about 2 cm longer ...
You can make a very simple Peter Pan hat by cutting out various shapes from felt. You will then need to sew the pieces together, and finally be sure to stick ...
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