How to Make a Fertilizer Bomb?


Making a fertilizer bomb is extremely dangerous, stupid, and illegal. If you lived through it, you could find yourself facing a substantial amount of jail time. You can find more information here:
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Make a pouch out of the newspaper and put some fertilizer in it. Then put cotton on top. Soak the
ingridents. 1 diesel fuel. 2 cotton. 3 fertilizer (chemical) 4 newspaper. 5 match. make a pouch kind of thing from the news paper and put in the fertilizer . put diesel soaked cotton
A fertilizer bomb is an explosive made out of common fertilizer. In this case, the money was dipped in urea, a source of nitrogen in fertilizers. In one of the notes, the anti-counterfeiting
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To make a fertilizer bomb, ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel or petrol are used. The nitrate is wrapped in cotton wooland diesel poured on top of it before a long ...
Diesel fuel and some ingredients found in garden fertilizers are ingredients for a fertilizer bomb in addition to nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Fertilizer ...
Timothy McVeigh is famed for setting the bomb which killed 168 people at the federal building in Oklahoma on 19 April 1995. The bomb, made of fertilizer and oil ...
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