How to Make a Fleece Headband?


Even the non-crafty can learn how to make a fleece headband from scrap fleece. It is a great way to keep warm and look trendy without spending any money. They are so simple to make you can even make enough to give away as party favors at winter time children's birthday parties. Simply grab your favorite piece of fleece and stretch to determine which way is more elastic. Draw a 5 x 23 inch rectangle and cut. Fold the rectangle in half with the good side facing inward to form a narrow strip. Sew along the edge with a straight stitch to join the sides together. Sew one short end closed, then flip the headband and fold the open short end inward and sew that end closed. Bring the short ends together and sew together using a whip stitch.
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1. Wrap a sewing tape measure around your head. Start in the middle of your forehead. Wrap the tape measure around your ears and back to your forehead. Subtract about 1/2-inch from
1. Measure the circumference of your head around the area you want the headband to sit using a flexible measuring tape. Subtract 3 inches from this measurement. 2. Cut out a rectangle
1. Select a pair of nylons; any color will work, but keep in mind that it is the foundation of the headband. The nylons should be large to extra large in size so the band stretches
1. Cut a piece of craft batting to fit all the way around the outside of the oatmeal cylinder. To do this, measure the height and circumference of the cylinder. Use a ruler or yardstick
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