How to Make a Flight Case?


To make a flight case; make your box from plywood after measuring the equipment you intend to transport. Then cut off the lid of the box and install locking intrusions. Make sure they are positioned where the lid is supposed to close then secure them with pop rivets. Finally cover the inside of the box with high density foam to provide cushioning for your equipment.
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1. Take your plywood and construct a closed box using the wood glue, staples and nails to reinforce the joints. Don´t use screws, since they could split the thin plywood. Once
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How to Build a Flight Case
Many people use flight cases to transport delicate musical gear. Gigs require travel, and you want to make sure to protect expensive musical instruments that can be damaged when you go from one gig to the next. You can buy flight cases, but they can be... More »
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Air lines have privacy policies that deny passengers access to the passenger flight list. It is only in emergency cases that the police authorities and other protection ...
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