How to Make a Football Shaped Cake?


To make a foot ball shaped cake you can either use a special shaped cooking pan or you can carve the cake into the shape of a football by cutting a 2 inch strip out of the middle of a round cake then putting the remaining halves together and frosting.
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Get a football or a good decent size picture of one. Make a flat cake as the directions on the box say. Using a very sharp knife, slowly cut the cake like the shape of a football.
1. Prepare two cake mixes. Pour the batter into one dome-shaped cake pan and one 8-inch round cake pan. Bake the cakes at 350-degrees Fahrenheit for the length of time specified on
1. Make a regular cake. 2. Then shape it in to a heart shape cake by using a cake stencil. 3. Bake it. Then let it cool down for awhile. 4. Put the icing on the cake. If you want,
It is cake! It is tropical: What is there not to like? Tropical or luau cake is the perfect blend of homemade cooking with the excitement of exotic flavors to mix up the traditional
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How to Make a Football Shaped Cake
Football shaped cakes can be baked for many occasions. They can be used for birthday parties, tailgating and Super Bowl parties. They've even been used as groom's cakes. You don't need special pans or recipes to make football shaped cakes and it doesn't... More »
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Making your own cake can save a lot of money than buying it from the store. At the same time you can add your personal touch to it and anything home made is better. You can find more information at
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