How to Make a Fork Bracelet?


There are various methods to make a fork bracelet. Check your local library for books that may help you learn how to do it. You can also search the internet for ideas and tutorials on making a fork bracelet.
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To make a fork bracelet, you will need to find something that is about the size of your wrist - like a soup can (a full unopened one). Hold the fork onto the can by the end of the fork, and very gently begin bending the fork around the can. You will have to decide before you begin whether you would like the tines to be bent away from or towards the skin - most people prefer them to point away. Once the entire fork is wrapped around the can, it is a bracelet.
There are many jewelry magazines and books that have instructions on how to make a fork bracelet. Basically you will need two pairs of pliers and a fork. A less expensive fork will be easier to bend. Use a heavy pair of pliers to hold the fork. You can use needle nose to do the actual bending. The first step to is bend the fork into the desired shape, it should fit your wrist. Then bend the tines. Second hand stores are a great source for forks.
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1. Secure the first 1/4 inch of the top of the fork in a vise. Use pliers to bend the stem of the fork into a circle that looks wide enough to fit over your hand and around your wrist
Take a metal fork and bend it into a circle or oval, leaving it par...
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