How to Make a Four Sided Pyramid out of Cardboard?


Making a four sided pyramid out of cardboard is very easy. All you have to do is cut the pieces of the correct dimensions. You then simply have to secure them together.
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1. Decide how many layers you want to make into a triangle-based pyramid. Two layers consist of a single ball on the top layer, and three balls on the second layer. Three layers consist
make a square base, and 4 triangles of certain lengths so that all spaces are covered and also make sure that the triangles have the same angles in every corner.
Paper clay is very strong when fired - its a mixture of clay and soaked paper pulp. This is much stronger than clay on its own. If your clay pyramid is 100% solid all the way through
The 4 sided pyramid actually has two definitions-whether or not you count the base as a "side. By geometric definition, a 4-sided pyramid has a triangular base with three sides
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