How to Make a Free Long Distance Phone Call with a 1-800 Number?


Long distance calls with a 1-800 number are free to the caller, and all charges are billed to the person you are calling. To make a 1-800 number call, pick up your phone and dial 1, then 800, then the 7 digit number of the person or business you are calling.
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A free 1-800 number to call Santa Claus is 1-800-HI-SANTA! Thanks for
Many toll free numbers will not work outside the US, try and find a regular land line number.
Yes there are some websites that are working to provide some phone numbers for free.>
Telemarketing call from Wells Fargo. They use an auto-dialer and when the line picks up (either you answering the phone, or your answering machine), a computer announces a pre-recorded
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To make a long distance call in the United States, you dial 1 then their area code and phone number. It is very easy to do! It should look like 1-555-555-5555. ...
The cost of receiving long-distance phone calls depends entirely on one's phone service provider. Generally, cellular phone plans will allow for free ...
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