How to Make a French Plait?


To do a French plait, first separate you hair and divide it into 3 equal strands. Do a quick left over centre, right over centre to start and add extra hair from directly underneath each new section about to be crossed over as you continue. Keep going until you come to the nape and all hair has been included before finishing off with a simple plait and securing it with a covered band when you reach the ends of the hair.
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The first step in making a French plait is to divide the hair into three different strands. After combing each strand, cross the right strand over the middle one to make it the middle strand then do the same with the left strand and proceed with this sequence. Repeat the process until you reach the hair ends.
A French braid is where the plaiting begins at the crown of the head and hair is gradually added as the braid goes towards the nape of the neck. There are many variations to this kind of braids but overall they are very comfortable on the head and tend to cause less breakage than other types of braids.
A French plait is literally a twist on the traditional three-strand English braid. With a French braid, braiding begins with small sections near the crown of the head. More hair is gradually gathered as the braid progresses toward the nape of the neck until it forms a standard three-part braid.
To Make French Plaits, first off all untangle the hair. Now, split it into three sections, and rotate the sections such that, anyone of them at the rightmost position comes to the center. Repeat this process. After the sections have been added, you must comb the three ends of the braid.
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1. Comb damp hair back, away from the face, and continue brushing until there are no tangles in the hair. If your hair tends to get frizzy, use an anti-frizz product in your hair
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The word plait is pronounced like "pleyt" or "plat." Thanks for asking ChaCha!
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The french plait is a beautiful variation of the popular french braiding technique of styling hair. There are different variations and techniques to create your ...
To do a French Plait, you actually just do a normal French braid. It begins as a three-strand braid and you keep adding hair to each side of the braid as you pick ...
To do French plaits, take a three-inch-long by one-inch-wide section of hair and divide it into three even parts. Place the left part between the left index finger ...
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