How to Make a Fuse?


By making fuse, we are protecting valuable equipments. First identify the main power feed wire to audio unit, then cut the power feed wire cleanly.
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To make a fuse is not recommended. From an electrician's point of view, this is highly dangerous. If hot goes to ground, having the proper fuse in place, will cause the fuse to trip, which is needed for safety reasons. Always use UL listed fuses on any projects that you do.
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Fuses are devices that protect circuits from damage when they short out. They also provide this protection if the load on the circuit is to heavy. Fuses can be found in many electrical
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1. Locate the fuse panel just to the left of your steering wheel, facing the driver's side door. 2. Open the panel by pulling the cover outward. Look at the fuse listing on the inside
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You can make a simple fuse tester using a battery,piezzo buzzer or LED light and a phase shift oscillator. Simply use PVA glue and stick the parts on a small piece ...
A fuse can blow when their is too much electricity going to the fuse, a power outage occurs, or the fuse is just worn and needs to be replaced because of it& ...
A fuse, in electrical engineering and electronics, is a type of sacrificial over-current protection device. A fuse made of the fuse material indicates a small ...
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