How to Make a Giraffe?


There are several methods for making a giraffe, but due to the long neck and legs, it's tricky to make one sturdy enough to stand on its own. One of the more durable models is made of soda bottles and paper mache'. Instructions for the recycled material giraffe are available here:
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You get a girl giraffe and a boy giraffe, put them in the same enclosure, and wait for them to breed successfully. Once they do, a new giraffe will be born and you will have facilitated the 'making' of a giraffe.
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A giraffe the tallest land living creature. It has a very long neck and is yellow with brown spots on it. They use the long necks to get to leaves that are very high in the tree's.
1. Make four round logs 1 ½ inch high and ½ inch thick from yellow fondant. These will make the legs of the giraffe. Make four round ¼ inch thick and 1/2 inch
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To make a giraffe cake, you can purchase an animal cracker pan. You will want yellow icing for the entire cake and brown icing for the spots. You can make the ...
1. Cut out shapes to represent the giraffe's spots from the brown felt. 2. Glue the shapes in a random pattern on the yellow shirt and pants. Do not allow the ...
Go to a local arts and craft shop like Hobby Lobby and pick up some giraffe printed fabric. Cut out holes for your head to go through and your arms. You can also ...
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