How to Make a Girl Pregnant?


Well, you can not make a girl pregnant, but you darn sure give it a good try! All you have to do is make sure you keep a track of her period. A girl usually ovulates between the tenth and fourteenth day after her period. You will need to make sure to have sex with her everyday, starting from the tenth day until the seventeenth day. Now, you have to actually ejaculate everyday, too! Try to keep her laying down for a few minutes after, just to make sure your little soldiers get the chance to travel to their destination.
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The most common way to get a girl pregnant is to have sexual intercourse. Time this a few days before ovulation to increase your chances of pregnancy. Outside of intercourse, there
Map her cycle. Most men aren't familiar with doing this, but if you are serious about getting a woman pregnant then ask her for her help with this. The point of mapping the girl's
signs of pregnancy. Your periods will usually stop.Maybe the feeling of nausea in the mornings,tenderness of breasts and generally feeling more tired.
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The condom could have broken, it could have holes in it that you didn't see before use. or she cheated. ...
After the boy makes the girl pregnant, the love will not last for ever, as most of these pregnancies came about through accident or ignorance, then after a while ...
To get a girl pregnant, someone's sperm needs to meet her egg and implant. One can up their chances of getting pregnant by not using contraception and charting ...
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