How to Make a Graduation Cap Card Box?


Make a graduation cap card box by using a round box with a lid that is about the size of a hat or a person's head. Take a thin piece of square cardboard to make the top or 'board' of the cap. Decorate these two pieces and then glue the board to the lid of the round box. Cut a slit through the board and round lid. Attach a tassel to the top to hang down one side. The cards will drop into the box underneath.
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How to Make a Graduation Cap Card Box
A graduation cap card box can be both decorative and functional at your graduation party. Create one yourself in about an hour, not including time for the glue to dry. The bottom of the card box is left open for easy access to the cards. Tip it over to... More »
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I made a graduation cap card box by using a round gift box bottom for the base. Then I took a piece of fairly thick foam board and cut an opening in it wide enough to put an envelope through. I covered the whole thing in paper to match the school colors, which were blue and gold. This made a nice card box. I hot glued a tassle to the top and edge as well.
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