How do you make a Greek helmet?


In making a Greek helmet, inflate a large balloon, then cover it with layers of papier-mâché and wait for it to dry. Pop the balloon, remove the pieces then cut around the bottom of the papier-mâché, cut a piece from the helmet for a hole through which your face will look out. Poke 6 holes on the helmet top, insert an ostrich plume into each hole and hot glue the ends of the plumes on the underside, cover the outside with glue and aluminium foil then allow to dry.
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1. Inflate a large balloon so that it is roughly the size of your head, and knot the end. 2. Combine 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of salt in a bowl. Mix well. 3. Tear
cut up an old soccer ball. if youre using p/mache you must do it on a base of fine wire mesh that you can squish into shape
1 Prepare your mirrored tiles for placement. Most likely you will lay the tiles out in even strips so you will need to cut them using either an exacto knife or scissors. Lay the sheet
1. Inflate an oval balloon to form the crown of the helmet. Select a balloon that is larger than your head. 2. Tear newspapers into strips, about 2 inches by 6 inches. You'll need
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How to Make Greek Helmets
The ancient Greeks were known to be strong and fierce warriors, which can be detected in their choice of armor. Greek helmets were designed to make them seem frightening and war-like. You can recreate a Greek helmet with your students to show them how... More »
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If you have a sudden fascination with ancient Greece, you may want to make a Greek helmet for a school project or just for fun. To make an easy one you can just cut holes for eyes in a box and paint and fashion it the way you want. For a more difficult one, you can start out with a baseball cap and remove the bill and build your helmet from there using paper mache and a few other school supplies. Get a picture of a real one so you can imitate how it looks. Check out this website for instructions to make easy greek helmets or more detailed ones:
If you are going to make a Greek helmet you should do your research and decide which design you are going to use. The most recognized Greek helmet is the Spartan helmet. Helmets can be created using cardboard. For more information look here: art project greek helmet; basic greek helmets for th beginner
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