How to Make a Greek Spear.?


1. Choose a shape for the spearhead. The Greeks used two different shapes for spearheads. One spearhead looks like an oval-shaped leaf. The second looks more like the shaft of an arrow with a long, narrow triangle-shaped head that gently widens to
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How to Make a Greek Spear
The ancient Greek spear looked similar to the ancient Roman spear, known as the pilum. However, the Greeks used a different head on their spears, and also used the spears for thrusting into their opponents in addition to throwing from a distance. The... More »
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Ares, god of war.
Doryphorus is the Greek word for spear bearer. Doryphorus is a famous
A dory/doru (Gr. Δόρυ) the name of the type of spear you are referring to, was about 2.5 kg(5.5 pounds) A spartan one could be a bit heavier due to the longer
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A person can make a Greek spear by choosing the proper tape. The design should be drawn on a piece of cardboard. Some duct tape will need to be utilized. ...
The Ancient Greeks were well known for their variety of weapons and the skills in which they used them. They used spears, swords, bows, javelins, and slings. This ...
Ares was the Greek god of war. He is always depicted carrying a spear and wearing a helmet. This symbolizing his readiness for battle. He was the son of Zeus and ...
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