How to Make a Gun Holster?


Using some sort of paper such as graph paper, trace the outline of your gun. In addition, be sure to trace a mirror image since you will be needing two sides to the holster. Next, cut out the template from the paper and attach it using pins or glue to the leather from which you will fashion your holster. Using a sharp knife such as a utility knife, cut the leather in the shape of the paper template so that you have two mirrored pieces. Choose one piece to make a belt loop incision then using a leather-piercing needle and thread, sew the two pieces together.
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1. Unload the weapon completely. Visually inspect the weapon to ensure no live ammunition is present. 2. Measure the length of your weapon from the beginning of the ejection port
The cost of a Gun Holster can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some of the best known manufacturers of Gun Holsters are: Galco Gunleather. Bianchi. Fobus. Kramer Handgun Leather.
A Six Gun is a hand held gun, or pistol, with a rotating cylinder that holds six
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How to Make a Gun Holster
A custom-made holster provides a tremendous amount of comfort and personalized detail for any gun aficionado. Crafting a gun holster allows you to choose the materials that best suit your particular firearm and your body. In sharp contrast to the... More »
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The Ruger P95 is a 9mm handgun. Accessories can be purchased in any gun shop.This include items like a holster to carry the handgun safely on the body. ...
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