How do you make a half hitch knot?


Scouting knots are an essential practical knowledge base for being in a wilderness situation. You may never know when you will have to make a clothesline, or tie up a bear.
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1. Hook your rope around a tree, post, pole or even around your leg if you want to practice this knot. 2. Make one side of the rope shorter than the other. In this example, we will
This knot is not often used alone, but it is an important knot just the same and very simple to do. You'll need two pieces of your choice of fiber such as hemp, rat tail, or waxed
1 Pass the end of your rope around a post. Ad 2 Bring the end under the standing part of the rope. 3 Bring the end up and pass it through the eye of the loop you just formed. 4 Pull
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