How do you make a half hitch knot?


Scouting knots are an essential practical knowledge base for being in a wilderness situation. You may never know when you will have to make a clothesline, or tie up a bear.
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1. Hold the end of the rope in your right hand and the rest of the rope in your left. For ease in describing how to tie this knot, the part of the rope in your left hand will be identified
3. Bring one end up and under the stationary cord (the right end in the photo) 4. Then take the other end of the cord (left in photo) and bring it down under the stationary cord.
1 Pass the end of your rope around a post. Ad 2 Bring the end under the standing part of the rope. 3 Bring the end up and pass it through the eye of the loop you just formed. 4 Pull
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