How to Make a Hanging Lamp?


Making your own hanging lamp saves you money and allows you to make one to match your decor. To make a hanging lamp you will need a lighting fixture, wire cutters, a hanging chain, C hooks, a hot glue gun, thread, a needle, canvas and metal wire. See this site for complete instructions for making a hanging lamp.
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How to Build a Hanging Lamp
Hanging lamps can be created simply at home from materials found at the local hardware store. Creating a lamp shade for this project is where someone can really begin to show her creativity. The Shameless Magazine website suggests using a paper lantern... More »
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To make a hanging lamp you will need, a pull-chain light socket, an extension cord, a lampshade, a hammer, a wire stripper, and a screwdriver.
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1. Thread the ends of the lamp cord onto the chain and weave it through the chain. 2. Insert the cord through the retaining nut and the top of the lampshade. Thread the wires through
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Using wall lamps in your home has so many advantages. First of all, when you choose the perfect one to fit into a room, you are adding a piece of decoration that can add more beauty
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1. Snip the end off your extension cord. Strip the wire of its covering for the bottom 2 inches of the cord. You should have two separate wires. 2. Remove the ...
1. Cut a piece of heavy weight paper into a rectangle 32 by 44 inches. Poster board or wallpaper works well. 2. Fold 2-inch accordion folds along the length of ...
Pottern Barn offers an assortment of hanging lamps. The Accordion Hanging Light was inspired by mid-century industrial lights. The lamp is easy to adjust up and ...
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