How to Make a Harmonica?


The supplies needed to make a harmonica are automotive shim, a nail punch, pliers, a food grade lacquer like salad bow, and a brush these are just some of the things you will need.
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How to Make a Harmonica
If you would like to learn how to make a basic musical instrument, one of the simplest to make is a harmonica. Even a small child can learn to make and play a harmonica. For this reason, this project is a good one for a family to do together. Just follow... More »
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The harmonica can be a difficult instrument to play! With some practice and assistance, you will learn in no time! Try these 7 tricks to help you learn quickly! Look here for more
Learn how to play the harmonica, and you can accompany almost any blues or rock song. Artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young have made the harmonica an integral part of their overall
an Instrument.
1. Disassemble the chromatic into parts by unscrewing the connecting screws between the reed plates, comb and cover plates. Remove the slide as well. 2. Using a small brush (toothbrush
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A Harmonica can be defined as a musical tiny rectangular instrument metal reed rows within its length. Making a harmonica from a comb can be done by first cutting ...
1. Find a wire hanger. 2. Using the pliers, untwist the neck of the hanger. 3. Form two loops on either end of the hanger. These loops will hold your harmonica ...
1. Cut the paper so that it fits well around the comb without sticking over the edges. 2. Attach the paper to the comb using small elastic bands wrapped tightly ...
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