How do you make a homemade cooler?


I needed an extra cooler on the spot last year and took a tall Rubbermaid storage container out of the garage, washed it out, filled it halfway with ice and put in the (watertight) items to be chilled. I packed extra ice around the items, and it kept things cold for several hours. I did sit it on a towel, since the outside walls of the container perspired in the heat! Realize that the ice will be melting on the inside and you cannot put things in there that are not protected from the wetness.
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1. Measure the length and width of the inside dimension of your cooler's mouth with your straight edge or tape measure. Transfer these dimensions to the wall insulation sheet and
Cover a cardboard box with packing tape, line inside with foil, place a cold wet rag in the bottom.
You don't have to be an arts and crafts master to learn how to make homemade soap. Depending on what kind of soap you want to make and how much effort you want to put forth, you can
1. Heat the sugar and butter. The whole trick to making good candy is temperature. More to the point, exact temperature. Different candies are made at different temperatures, and
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How to Make Homemade Coolers
Sometimes it seems like you never have enough coolers when you need them. If you find yourself needing an extra cooler in a pinch, making one out of a simple cardboard box, a garbage bag, and some Styrofoam insulation is an easy project. Here is how to... More »
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To make a swamp cooler (aka evaporative cooler) you will need to have some plans to follow. They are not very difficult to make if you know what you are doing and are certainly cheaper than installing air conditioning.
A homemadA homemade cooler can be made to utilize water in the environment and save money from running a refrigerator. One way of doing this is by building a wooden box to the size needed. Make sure all the edges are waterproofed with fiberglass. Then, cut a hole in one end for the door. Then construct another box the same way, slightly bigger to fit around the already completed box. With this one, there should be a hole in the top for water to come in with a hole at the bottom for water to drain out. Then build a doorframe between inner and outer boxes to ensure no water leaks when the door is opened. Finally, open the top and let the water in.
You can use a cardboard box with a large trashbag, some duct tape and scissors. Let creativity be your guide. It is an easy creation. You can find more info at:
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