How to make a homemade douche?


1 part vinegar & 5 parts water. Source(s) Wife & 3 daughters.
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Douching is not good for your body. Some people use vinegar or apple cider
The word douche originates from the French term for shower. Douche also most popularly refers to vaginal douching, or the irrigation of the vagina. Most girls believe in douching
I would actually not recommend douching. It was popular many decades ago, but all modern medical research has suggested that it can actually do more harm than good. Your body has
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To make a homemade douche, first, take an unused tampon and soak it in yoghurt, and then insert it into your vagina at the time of your monthly periods. You can ...
You can prepare a homemade douche by mixing vinegar and water, and then using it to cleanse the vaginal area. While vinegar douches have been traditionally used ...
The best homemade douche is a simple vinegar and water mixture. Mix 1/4 part white vinegar together with 3/4 part water. Talk to your doctor to see if douching ...
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