How do you make a homemade drum?


To come up with a home-made drum; get a cylindrical container and take the lid off, then criss-cross many strips of electrical tape or masking tape over the top of the container until it is completely covered and then measure and cut construction paper so that it will fit around the container. A popcorn tin, raisin jar, aluminium can or an oatmeal container can all be used as the cylindrical container to make a drum. After placing the construction paper, you could decorate the drum if you so wish.
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1. Find a canister to make your drum. This can be a large recycled coffee can or an empty oatmeal canister. 2. Decorate the type of cylinder you choose with paint, or glue on construction
1 Gather your equipment. To make this drum kit, you will need a cardboard box, three small paint cans and two large paint cans. Try to make the large paint cans tall rather than wide
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I got a metal rubbish can and pulled the bottom out. then i stretched some cowhide over it. (I live On A farm so it wasnt so hard to get some. try thin leather instead)
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How to Make a Homemade Drum
If you have a little music maker in the house that loves to make noise but isn't quite ready for a full-sized drum set, you may want to make your own homemade drum. This can be a fun craft to involve children whether it is an activity done at home,... More »
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