How can I make a homemade plasma globe?


To make a homemade Plasma Globe get a glass jar that is taller and fill it 3/4 of cold tap water. Squash 7-8 drops of a dark bottle of food color into the water in the glass jar, choose green, blue and yellow as food colors. Tremor a sparkle bottle 3 times over the glass of colored water. Put on penlight on and locate it behind the glass jar.
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A plasma globe is a clear spherical orbit glass filled with a mixture of gases with a high voltage electrode in the middle. It contains plasma strands that run from the centre of the globe to the walls of the glass that create a beam of colours. To make a globe filament; get AC generator that produces frequencies of about 35 kHz and Argon gas. Make a hole on the bulb and connect to the AC generator and make sure that the ball is air tight. Use a small metal string as an electrode and connect it inside the bulb and add the gas. For testing, connect the AC generator to an electrical source.
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