How to Make a Homemade Rocket for Kids?


Water rockets are great for kids to make themselves and are much safer if you're worried about using the models where you have to light the launcher. You'll need a couple of soda bottles, card board, some paint for decoration, and of course, water. How to build a water rocket.
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1. Cut the cork in half (not lengthwise, from top to bottom, but across its middle) so that it's half as long. Poke the nail through it from top to bottom to bore a small hole, and
The thrust of what is propelling it upwards. The forces of thrust and lift once it is going must counteract gravity and friction. Which in homemade rockets it does for a while...
Irst, you will need several sheets of computer paper to create the rocket's shape.
Well. you could try searching the web for a copy or pdf of 'The Anarchist's Cookbook' Of course, I feel it is only fair to warn you that roughly 1/4 of the items listed in the last
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The easiest way to make a rocket is to use a 2 liter plastic bottle, make some fins and a cone out of cardboard and put it together with duct tape. For more information look here: For instructions look here:;
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