How to Make a Homemade Tazer?


A person who tries to make a homemade taser might put themselves in danger. A homemade taser could shock the maker if it is faulty. It might be illegal to make homemade taser.
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Making a tazer is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is buy a disposable camera with a flash. It can be just about any type. All you have to do is take the paper or cardboard off
You will need some wires, a disposable camera, pliers, duct tape, a battery. An
Use the scissors to cut the camera's paper cover open. Carefully pull it away from the rest of the camera. Remove any screws holding the plastic case together. Pry the camera case
1. Measure 15 inches of a garden hose by laying it against a ruler on a flat surface. Mark the hose at both ends with a permanent marker. 2. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut
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