How to Make a Homemade Thermos?


Depnding on how efficient you would like your thermos to be, and also whether you are wanting to store hot or cold liquids, you can probably gather most of the materials from around your house.
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1. Cut the top off each of the 2 liter bottles with the scissors so they are roughly the same height as the 1 liter bottles. These bottles will be the outer container for the thermos
you can use socks , tin foil Kleenex toilet paper, fiberglass.
styrofoam will work - its the stuff around hot water tanks to keep heat in *often the stuff around hot water tanks *I'm wrong again! styrofoam will work as it is used as insulation
i need to make a thermos for science class but i don’t really have any ideas. I mean like i have a few (styrofoam, thermal fabric, tin foil.) but not much. so if there&rsquo
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