How to Make a Household Bomb?


Bombs are dangerous so they should be made in an open place .To make a household bomb you Open a small napkin and sprinkle it with water. The next step is to mound a heavy pile of flour onto the centre of the napkin and then gather the edges and tie with a rubber band. To get an extra powerful bomb, add an egg to the centre of the flour bomb.It is illegal to make a bomb.
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1. Open a small napkin, removing a layer if it happens to be a two-ply napkin so that the cloth is thin and weak. 2. Lightly spray the napkin with water. Only use a very light mist
1. Get your materials together. A basic, easy smoke bomb that produces thick grey smoke with a purple flame can be made using just two ingredients: white granulated sugar and potassium
all you have to do is get a bomb and make it in your house, done!
We did it during my time at secondary school.Get a calcium carbide,dissolve it in water.The gas evolved is Ethyne( is odious)Cover the beaker or plate(where you carried out the experiment
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