How to Make a Jean Bag?


Making a jean bag can be done by sewing together pieces of old jeans that you do not wear anymore. Try to keep one of the pockets in tact as this will add a nice flare to the front of the bag.
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Making a jean bag is a great way to take an old pair of blue jeans that are no longer being worn and make a fashionable book bag, a purse, or a very creative gym bag. Blue jean is very durable so it should be a lasting product. Whatever it is it will be cute! You can find more information here:
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1. Create and cut the lining and outside fabric pattern. Measure and mark 16 inches in length on both sides, and then measure and mark 20 inches in width on both sides. Using the
1. Take your jeans and put them out flat on a table. It might be helpful to iron them to get them really flat. Now make a mark with chalk across the front of the pants in straight
Use a regular old white gum eraser. I just did this and it worked really well.
Have a pair of jeans that you never wear? Then, turn them into a stylish yoga bag, and get some use out of them. You Will Need: An old pair of jeans (men's or women's) Ribbon. Sturdy
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You can make a very simple bag out of jeans by cutting the legs off just at the crotch, turning the jeans inside out and sewing the openings shut. Sew straps or ...
1. Cut the legs off the jeans and open along one seam. Sew the pieces together and cut two body pieces 27 inches wide by 22 inches long. Cut two more pieces for ...
1. Lay your jeans flat on your cutting mat. Cut straight across the jeans just above the crotch to remove the legs of the jeans. Use your rotary cutter to make ...
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