How to Make a Landform Project?


Start by cutting out the back of a cereal box and lay it flat. Use clay to build hills and mountains. Blue glue works great as water and green paint is good for grass. Be creative and your land form will turn out great.
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1. Draw the boundaries of two mountain ranges across from one another on the cardboard, using the marker. 2. Place modeling clay within the boundaries drawn on the cardboard. 3. Build
The answer is Goode's Interrupted Homolosine.
Thats a very vague question. but from my understanding of it. how about a volcano? simple, yet very impressive. build a cone out of like paper mashae. paint it, maybe add some trees
Sounds like an interesting project. The first thing to do is relax. It sounds like you have a great deal of freedom to be creative. Don't worry about getting things "right"
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To create a landform project is a great activity for a science class project. You can use basic materials to build up such things as volcanos, trees, and mountains. For more information look here:;
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Start by using a large board as the base. Use clay and wood to create 3D objects. Make sure to keep the size of the objects relevant to one another. ...
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