How do I make a landform project?


Start by cutting out the back of a cereal box and lay it flat. Use clay to build hills and mountains. Blue glue works great as water and green paint is good for grass. Be creative and your land form will turn out great.
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1. Provide each child with at least three colors of clay, a jelly roll tray with at least a 1-inch lip along each edge and a printed picture of the different types of landforms. Ask
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How to Make Landform Projects
The physical contours that make up the geography of a location are known as landforms. Mountains, valleys, hills, riverbanks and plains are just a few of the landforms. Clay models can help students visualize landforms that may not be in the local... More »
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To create a landform project is a great activity for a science class project. You can use basic materials to build up such things as volcanos, trees, and mountains. For more information look here:;
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