How to Make a Lariat Necklace?


Lariat necklaces are gorgeous and very practicle. Lariat necklaces do not have clasps so just about abyone can where these beutiful pieces. For more information look here:;
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1. Choose the beads you will use to make your lariat. Beads come in plastic, glass, resin, metal and even recycled paper. Once you've chosen the beads you want, lay them out in the
Want to learn how to make a necklace that is both beautiful and colorful? It is fun to wear and looks great! They also make great gifts! It's easy to do and this project is designed
1. Measure and cut a length of leather or satin beading cord to the desired length of the necklace, less the length of the clasp. Leather or satin beading cord is sturdier than elastic
1. Choose the type of cake you'd like to make. For a chocolate cake, you will need brown clay with white filling, or create a vanilla cake with white clay and yellow filling. For
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How to Make Lariat Necklaces
Lariat necklaces are easy to make and versatile enough to fit many outfits. The length of a lariat can be adjusted to suit any neckline. Choose from a variety of beads and the length you need, and follow a few simple instructions to create your lariat.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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