How to Make a Log Sheet?


A log sheet is used to track activities, documents or what ever else you decided to monitor or track. Basically a log is a table with rows and column where you enter information based field headers. There are also templates in Excel and Word which you can customize to suit your needs. Open excel and label across columns or down (rows) the the information you are wish to track. For example you might have the date across the top and allow the side calories. You can track how many calories consumed each day. For more information look here: An example of an exercise and diet log ;
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1. Title the first log sheet entry: "Summary of Tasks. Type your full name under the title. Type the beginning and end dates of your first entry. The first entry covers a one-week
How is a crime scene entry log properly used?
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What type of log sheet are you trying to complete? The entries required
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To do inventory of office supplies, make a spreadsheet. Log all the items on the sheet and insert the number of each. ...
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