How do you make a longhouse project?


An individual can easily learn how to make a longhouse project by utilizing tape and an oatmeal container. A person will also need scissors and a paintbrush.
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1. Use the scissors or box knife to cut a door shape into the short end of the 10 by 16 inch pieces of cardboard. The door should be approximately one inch wide by two inches high
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Hello. My little sister is making a longhouse in a school project and I major in Social Studies. I recommend using all real wood and. no. cardboard. The cardboard makes it look fake
1. Paint the shoebox brown. 2. Cut your piece of brown construction paper so that it matches the length of the shoebox. 3. Cut slits lengthwise in the brown paper 1 1/
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How to Make a Longhouse For a School Project
In the northeastern United States, longhouses were the dominant type of home among Native Americans. These houses were built from tree trunks lashed together and then covered with slabs of tree bark. The houses measured as much as 20 feet high, 20 feet... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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