How can you make a low ceiling look higher?


A low ceiling can be made to look higher by a few simple tricks. Avoid ceiling lights and use wall sconces or table lamps. If ceiling lights are unavoidable, choose recessed lighting or flush lighting that is shallow. Paint the ceiling with a high gloss paint. Furnish the room with low profile furniture. Vertical stripes on wallpaper or drapes can help make the ceiling look higher.
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1. Paint your ceiling with a lighter colored paint. Paint the edges between the ceiling and the walls and then extend the light colored paint down 8 inches from the ceiling across
1 Paint over the blades and blade brackets, or get new blades and blade brackets. Ad 2 Paint the motor housing, canopy, down rod, and light fitter. 3 Get a new light kit and/or light
avoid dark colors and low squatty furniture, furniture that has slender vertical design makes the eyes go up and down flushmount ceiling fixtures or ceiling fans help too a great
A deeper shade of paint will bring the ceiling down.
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How to Make Low Ceilings Look Higher With Decorating
If the ceilings in your home seem to be closing in on you, you don't have to resort to drastic measures. While knocking ceilings out or relocating might solve the problem, it's easier for you to make low ceilings look higher with a few simple decorating... More »
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Paint the ceilings with a white semi gloss, or high gloss paint. Hang drapery from ceiling to floor. Paint vertical stripes on the walls. Lastly, don't hang ceiling fans or chandeliers.
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