How to Make a Magnifying Glass?


Creating a magnifying glass is a simple project but it does require following a few steps. You need to have a sturdy stable surface, a table or a box that won't shake or wiggle around. If your item is on a plastic slide, place that on the table, if it is not, place it down and put a piece of glass on top of it to hold it still. Place a few drops of water on top of the slide or the glass, and allow them to form a large droplet. When you look through the water droplet everything that you want to see will be larger. What a great little project for kids!
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How to Make a Magnifying Glass
Kids love experimenting, and one of the best ways to spark their curiosity is to give them something they can use and play with while they are learning. Making a simple magnifying glass with water and a test slide can provide hours of fun for your... More »
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No one knows who invented the magnifying glass. People have been using magnifying glasses or things that are similar since records have been recorded.
Magnifying glasses are often used to help people with vision problems. Eyeglasses are a form of magnifying glasses, which correct problems ranging from near-sightedness and far-sightedness
1. Put the thing you wish to read or examine on a steady, flat surface, such as a table. 2. Pull up a chair if you are at a table. 3. Put the magnifying glass in between your face
the magnifying glass has a convex lens and it curves to magnify objects.
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A magnifying glass is used to make an object appear larger by the use of a double-convex lens. The double-convex composition means that the centre of the glass ...
You can make a magnifying glass with a smooth bottle or flask and water. Fill the bottle with water and twist the cap on tightly. Look through the bottle and things ...
1. Wash and dry an empty baby food jar. 2. Fill the jar with water. Allow it to overflow to force out air bubbles. 3. Look through the jar of water to magnify ...
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