How to Make a Man out of Clay Flower Pots?


Making a man out of clay flower pots can be a fun craft activity. You can easily make one with several terra cotta pots of various sizes and rope or framing wire. Assemble the man to your liking and use it as a planter.
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1. Lay an 8-inch pot on its side. Lay another next to it with the bases flush with each other. Tie a knot larger than the holes in the pots in the end of a length of rope and thread
1 Roll about 3 cups of terracotta clay into a long rope by working the clay back and forth across a smooth, plastic covered surface with your hands. This "rope" should be
Add lots of mulch and organic matter and plant a seed.
Have you ever been in the garden center of a store and wondered how they make those terra cotta flower pots? Well, if you have, here are some easy steps on how to make your own garden
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