How to Make a Manometer?


A manometer is an instrument used to measure pressure. You will need aneroid gauge, bourdon gauge, colored water,McCleod gauge, Piston gauge, plastic tube. Fill a tube with colored water halfway and bend it into a u-shape and connect one end to a source of pressure and leave the other end open to air. Use a piston gauge to measure pressure using a solid spring to counter balance a fluid's pressure and are commonly used to measure air pressure in a tire.
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1. Mount your clear plastic tubing to the wooden board in a U shape by hammering some finishing nails into the board and bending them over the plastic tube to hold it in place. Don't
A well-type manometer is to be used to measure differential pressure in a water flow system. The manometer uses a special bromide liquid of specific gravity of 2.95.The well and tube
Imagine yourself standing on a huge stage strumming your electric guitar. Well, you can't do that with this shoebox guitar craft, but you can make some music. Constructing this musical…. I'll use the above link to help you understand my explanation. You get a meter stick and you put transparent tubing to form a U (
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How to Make Your Own Manometer
A manometer may be any device that measures pressure. There are many types of manometers, although the term typically refers to an instrument that uses a liquid column unless otherwise specified. A liquid column manometer uses a tube filled with a liquid... More »
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A manometer is basically an instrument that measures the pressure produced by your bagpipe. To make one you need four items: A blood pressure gauge, a length of irrigation hose, an angle joint and a rubber stopper to fit a drone bush.
You can make a manometer for a low price. There are plans out there to make a manometer without mercury. Since mercury is very toxic this is the best manometer to make. You can find more information at
In order to make a homemade manometer you will need several inches of vinyl tubing,screwdriver, screws, clamps, ruler or tape measure as well as plywood.
To make a simple water manometer, you will need four feet of vinyl tubing that is about an inch in diameter, plywood, eight clamps, screws, a screwdriver, and a ruler.
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