How to Make a Manometer?


A manometer is an instrument used to measure pressure. You will need aneroid gauge, bourdon gauge, colored water,McCleod gauge, Piston gauge, plastic tube. Fill a tube with colored water halfway and bend it into a u-shape and connect one end to a source of pressure and leave the other end open to air. Use a piston gauge to measure pressure using a solid spring to counter balance a fluid's pressure and are commonly used to measure air pressure in a tire.
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How to Make Your Own Manometer
A manometer may be any device that measures pressure. There are many types of manometers, although the term typically refers to an instrument that uses a liquid column unless otherwise specified. A liquid column manometer uses a tube filled with a liquid... More »
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A manometer is basically an instrument that measures the pressure produced by your bagpipe. To make one you need four items: A blood pressure gauge, a length of irrigation hose, an angle joint and a rubber stopper to fit a drone bush.
You can make a manometer for a low price. There are plans out there to make a manometer without mercury. Since mercury is very toxic this is the best manometer to make. You can find more information at
In order to make a homemade manometer you will need several inches of vinyl tubing,screwdriver, screws, clamps, ruler or tape measure as well as plywood.
To make a simple water manometer, you will need four feet of vinyl tubing that is about an inch in diameter, plywood, eight clamps, screws, a screwdriver, and a ruler.
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A manometer is a measuring tool. It is used for measuring pressure and flow rate of liquid and/or gas in a pipe. There are four types: U-tube, well-type, inclined ...
Manometers are gadgets that are used in the measurement of pressure. A simple manometer usually comprises a tube of glass in a U shape that has been filled with ...
An open tube manometer is an instrument used to measure the pressure of gas in a container. In an open tube manometer, the end that is open to atmosphere contains ...
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