How do you make a metal toolbox?


A tool box is used to store tools . To make a metal tool box you cut a piece of aluminium measuring 20 by 24 inches. Curve the metal to make the bottom and sides of the toolbox. Cut two pieces of 1-by-8-inch oak to approximately 12 inches in length to make ends of the tool box. Curve the top of the wood boards. Bore a hole for the toolbox handle. Apply thin drops of silicone adhesive along the base inside edges of the metal. Insert the wood ends and glue them to the metal to make the box. Screw the metal to the wood using wood screws. Insert the pipe via the two holes drilled in the wooden ends. Use a 120 –grit sand paper to file the edges. Paint the box and allow it to dry before using it.
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How to Build a Metal Toolbox
A metal toolbox is a strong, sturdy way to hold all of your tools. Making a toolbox out of metal is an easy project that is great for beginners looking to get into metalworking. This project can be completed in under an hour with a few common power tools... More »
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