How to Make a Mini Ecosystem?


To make an inexpensive mini ecosystem all you will need is a glass cookie jar, some moss you can get from the park, some rocks and some dirt.
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How to Make a Mini Ecosystem
An ecosystem consists of all the communities of organisms and their physical environment. Nutrients cycle from the physical environment through the trophic levels of organisms and eventually back into the environment. Energy, however, cannot be recycled... More »
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To make a mini ecosystem you will need containers with lids, pond or aquarium water,bromthymoll blue solution, elodea, small water snails, or othr pond critters, light source. Now
1. Obtain a glass container that has a tight-fitting lid. You can find containers at many craft or home improvement stores. Most are rectangular, but they don't need to be. Look for
e.g. a bush or small field as the field itself has it's own ecosystem, basically if you thiink of something small or a certain area where organisms lives thats it.
My son just made one of these things in the bathroom. He turned the shower on hot, left the room to answer the phone and forgot to come back! The little ^^)&%$ is getting the
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