How to Make a Model of a Motte and Bailey Castle?


A model of a motte and bailey castle can be made from cardboard and adhesive. The BBC offers instructions, worksheets, and extension activities at
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A motte and bailey castle is a castle built in the medieval period. They was built by King William who was Norman (french) when he first rose to the throne. He built loads of them
1. Make the Motte and Bailey. Find a large styrofoam cone. Remove the top "point" from the cone and discard. Saw the bottom one-third of the cone to make your bailey. The
[MC] A widespread type of early medieval military strong-hold comprising an artificially constructed earthen motte, surrounded by a ditch, with an adjoining separately defined enclosure
A motte is an enditched mound, usually artificial, which supported the strongpoint of the motte-and-bailey castle, overshadowing the bailey or enclosed courtyard below. It is predominantly
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A model motte and bailey castle can be easily assembled from cardboard and glue which you can then paint. A template with instructions can be downloaded from the BBC which has extra activities and lots of information regarding how to make a model motte and bailey castle at
When making a mott-and-bailey castle, you would want to use paper mache to make your raised area for your motte. You can use the shape of a bowl as your guide. You can then use paper mache, popsicle sticks and/or cardbord to make your buildings.
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