How to Make a Model of a Motte and Bailey Castle?


A model of a motte and bailey castle can be made from cardboard and adhesive. The BBC offers instructions, worksheets, and extension activities at
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1 Make the Motte and Bailey Find a large styrofoam cone. Remove the top "point" from the cone and discard. Saw the bottom one-third of the cone to make your bailey. The
The height of motte and bailey castles vary alot but they normally go from 5m to very tall 10m.
Things You'll Need * Time! Lots of areas need to be dry before you can go onto the next bit! * Newspapers (lots of them) * Flour and water (to make glue) or wallpaper adhesive or
1. Place three Styrofoam bricks lengthwise in a row. Tape them together. Make another identical row and place it parallel to the first row. The two rows should be 16 inches apart.
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A model motte and bailey castle can be easily assembled from cardboard and glue which you can then paint. A template with instructions can be downloaded from the BBC which has extra activities and lots of information regarding how to make a model motte and bailey castle at
When making a mott-and-bailey castle, you would want to use paper mache to make your raised area for your motte. You can use the shape of a bowl as your guide. You can then use paper mache, popsicle sticks and/or cardbord to make your buildings.
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